On August 1, 2009, the Peru-Canada Free Trade Agreement entered into force.

This agreement ensures free and open trade between Peru and Canada.

Most Peruvian products are exempt of customs duties, giving Peru an advantage over other countries that do not have a trade agreement with Canada.

Peru is Canada's second largest bilateral merchandise trade partner in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Canada is Peru's fourth largest business partner and Peruvian exports continue growing; especially produce, apparel and seafood.

Contact the Trade Office of Peru in Toronto at and inquiry about Peru's line of products.

It is very likely that a Peruvian company can be your next supplier.


Text of the Free Trade Agreement


Since the Peru-Canada FTA came into force in 2009, Canadian companies have found reliable business partners, specially in non-traditional sectors such as apparel, produce, fresh fruits, processed food, seafood, organic crops  such as quinoa, natural and products such as maca, sacha inchi.

The graph below shows the increase of non-traditional Peruvian exports to Canada.



Peru canada exports





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